Not Correct: How to NOT Beg the Question

Nobody is begging. Things may be implied. Questions may be asked. Don't beg. It is not becoming

Beg the Question Incorrectly

Begging is Weird

Can you imagine someone begging you to ask a question?

Please. Please ask it. Please ask the question!

So strange. Nobody does that. Don't suggest that they do!

Ordering is What You Want

"That implies." "That suggests." "Perhaps we should ask."

When you want ordering language... foreshadowing and the like... use ordering language! You can tell the listener where you are going by using a question!

You just can't use the phrase "begging the question."

Nobody has begged that you ask that question. So stop it!

Save the Real Thing

Save the real phrase for when you need it! Some bloke making a poorly structured logical argument... and you will be there to save the day!!

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