Right: So What does "Begging the Question" mean?

It actually has a meaning!

And it sounds legit because when someone commits "begging the question," their argument is debunked.

Yep. So it's a boss move...

When used correctly, that is!

Blast of light

What do you have to gain?

Sweet Logic

Ahhh... logical fallacies being called out. Debate being done exquisitely.

"Begging the Question" is a logical fallacy where you have assumed your conclusion. 

"I am trustworthy. There. See. I have proved that I am trustworthy!"

In real life, it is a bit harder to spot. So the phrase is somewhat rare in its proper usage. Which makes it that much more beautiful when it happens!

My Undying Thanks

Undying thanks is rare these days. Especially from random strangers on the internet. 

See how much you have to gain!?

Information for the World!

Never again will you be able to casually listen to a news anchor as they incorrectly use the English language.

You are now empowered to go forth and share this travesty with the world!

Just be nice while you do it, please. Way too many trolls out there nowadays.

Right about everything?

No you're not. Let's connect anyways though.

We can also update you if / when we add meaningful content here.

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